The Village Nurse by Sheila Burns

1967. Claire Dale suffers a broken love affair with a doctor and leaves her job as Sister at St Julian’s Hospital. She starts a new life as district nurse in a small country village, where romance and trouble follow her.

Claire is in love with handsome surgeon Chris Long, and thinks he loves her too. Then she discovers him in the arms of nurse Lucille Gray, and realises she must get far away from Chris and the hospital. A job as district nurse in the little village of Charnworth seems the perfect solution.

Claire finds that her new post has its challenges. The locals are wary of a pretty young nurse from the city, and she is involved in a car accident which leaves a young man, Terence Anderson, badly injured. But with hard work and determination, Claire settles into her role of delivering babies and caring for her village patients.

When Chris makes a surprise appearance, Claire realises that she still loves him. Will she take Chris back, even though she knows she could never trust him? Or is there another path to more lasting happiness?

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