Three Sisters by Ursula Bloom

England, early 1900s. The Walker sisters are different from each other in every way, but they will stick together for life.

Praise for Ursula Bloom: ‘… with every book she adds something to her reputation.’ Daily Telegraph

Isabel is the “dutiful one”, who always put the needs of others first. Can she find happiness for herself?

Lilian is “the pretty one”, who uses her beauty to get her own way. Will it bring her what she wants most of all?

Joyce is the “independent one”, who dreams of being an artist. Does the love of her life feel the same way about her?

The sisters choose different paths in their search for happiness and fullfilment. But through the ups and downs of love, men and marriage, they discover the strength of family ties.

More praise for Ursula Bloom:

‘Ursula Bloom writes in a delightful way, with a deep understanding of human nature and a quick eye for the humorous things in life.’ Cambridge Daily News

‘She has always been able to tell a story.’ Everyman

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